Motor Point Acupuncture is a modern science based method firmly rooted in both Neurology and Anatomy, it restores muscle and joint function to treat pain and all kinds of dysfunction in the body

Motor point acupuncture probably first  began in the 1970s with Dr C Chan Gunn, an anaesthesiologist who found that inserting acupuncture needles into motor points on muscles (the place where the nerve attaches to the muscle) can cause a fasciculation (twitch response) which would reset the nerve and muscle causing relaxation of contracted muscle and an increase in strength.

Dr Vladimir Janda of the Prague School of Rehabilitation was a neurologist who said that “the most overlooked type of muscle imbalance is tightness weakness”.   Overuse of muscles causes contraction and shortening of the muscle which over time accumulates and puts strain on tendons and joints causing pain and dysfunction

Motor Point Acupuncture can reset contracted muscle to restore joints to their normal function
while reducing or eliminating pain and tendonitis.

Motor Point Acupuncture resets pain fast.

“Often the site of pain is not the cause” 

Dr. Vladimir Janda

Combining pain referral patterns outlined by White House Doctor Janet Travell, modern neurological underpinnings of motor nerve inhibition causing pain and muscle weakness, motor point acupuncture is a science based pain and dysfunction solution as well as the quickest and fastest method of identifying and resolving neurological and musculoskeletal issues in the 21st century clinic.


Training is offered throughout Europe and the world to Qualified Professional Acupuncturists who want to learn how to upgrade their results in treating acute or chronic pain,  who work  in injury or surgical recovery or with professional or amateur athletes that would like to increase their performance.
Motor Point Acupuncture is highly effective and can produce rapid and lasting results in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

Here is what practitioners who attended seminars said

Richard’s Motor Points course is excellent. The course provides lots of information, slides, live demonstrations, practice and practical advice. I was able to take the techniques I’d learnt straight back into clinic. The combination of muscle testing and motor points increased my confidence as a practitioner and the confidence of my patients in my treatment. I have had excellent results with motor points alone and in combination with other styles of acupuncture. I highly recommend the course”

Claire Truss Lic.Ac, MBAcC

Motor points are the best thing I’ve learnt since the balance method. Motor points just work, with anyone, family or stranger. MrPs also bring anatomy and physiology to life, finally I’m much more confident speaking with doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths. Combined with manual muscle testing, my efficacy just skyrocketed! “

Robin Burby Acupuncturist

Richard is a great teacher, he explains things very clearly, and for me, having knowledge of motor point acupuncture has been a game changer, If you’re an acupuncturist treating pain you will not want to be without the skill of motor point acupuncture. I’m looking forward to attending my 3rd seminar with Richard in 2019.”  

Helen Falvey Acuglow Acupuncture